The Science of Sharing: An Inside Look At The Social Consumer

According to recent data from M Booth and Beyond, a number of traits have been found by consumers in the research phase of buying online. For example, they tend to go the official company website for electronics, whilst relying on search for travel and message boards to garner opinion before a car purchase.

The stats below have a very digitally savvy, US steer to them personally. For example, according to the data below, did you know that almost half surveyed use Facebook when searching for restaurants? I can’t say I do but an interesting anecdote nonetheless. Similarly, 40% of dining consumers check in to Foursquare. Again, this may be the case over in the US but Foursquare penetration over here across the pond is far less.

Finally, 55% of consumers are significantly influenced by comments in forums. This I would be more likely to agree with as personal user feedback whether it’s on a message board or a review of a product on a site you are shopping on can have a great influence. Only the other day I was swayed towards a different product because of the more favourable reviews than the one I had intended.

Check out below some of the most influential online channels, what is being researched and where.