Google Launches New Consumer Surveys

It was announced recently that Google has launched a formal market research offering, a way to create online surveys and gain consumer insight.

Consumer Surveys

They have created an online platform for businesses to find out what their customers are most interested in. It also allows them to target their specific audiences, write their own surveys or adapt Google’s templates accordingly.

The new system at works as follows:

Brands, small businesses and marketers use Google consumer surveys to conduct online market research. Google then places the questions in front of targeted web denizens when they land on a premium content page in Google’s publisher network. The brand pays per response ($0.10 to $0.50 per response depending on targeting preferences), and Google and participating publishers pocket the money made from each response.

Google automatically aggregates and analyzes responses, providing the data back to you through a simple online interface. Results appear as they come in, not days or weeks later.

Results & insights

In addition to raw data, charts summarize responses and insights highlight interesting differences. Using the DoubleClick cookie and the respondent’s IP address, Google Consumer Surveys infers demographic and geographic information for each response so you can easily segment by age, gender, location and more. See which results are statistically significant or order additional responses if your initial sample wasn’t sufficient.

Methodology & accuracy

Unlike other online survey platforms which send questionnaires to predetermined “panels,” Google Consumer Surveys takes a new approach to survey sampling, data collection and post-stratification weighting. This produces a close approximation to a random sample of the US Internet population and results that are as accurate as probability based panels.

This is another way for businesses to tap into their marketplace directly by asking the right questions. It is the latest example of social media being correctly harnessed, understood and used as the best way for a business to connect with its core audiences and bring in maximum customer satisfaction.