5 New Things Happening with Social Media Marketing

social media trends

social media marketing trends

5 New Things Happening with Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the best channels currently available to increase brand exposure, generate leads and engage with customers, among other benefits. More and more companies are certainly incorporating social media into their marketing campaigns. Companies are also gradually expanding the number of social networks to advertise and engage.

As crucial as social media is to marketing, it’s also a channel that is constantly undergoing changes. Social networks like Facebook are rewriting the rules in favor of user satisfaction. Marketers do have to keep up with these changes in order to campaign effectively on social media. Here are several of these new changes that all social media marketers should be aware of:

1.    Social Network Use is Rapidly Rising Worldwide

Social media usage has been high mainly in Western countries. However, recent years have seen a surge in social media use in regions like Africa, South America, and South and Southeast Asia. Marketers now have better opportunities than ever to expand international customer bases via social media.

2.    Commitment to Social Media Marketing is Increasing

According to data gathered by Market Inspector, commitment to social media marketing by businesses in almost all industries is increasing. Businesses that continue to eye social media as a passing fad or a less-than-average channel can easily be overtaken by competition on social media. As the rules of the game are always changing, businesses are also committing operational resources to social media marketing. Such resources include extensive training conducted with experts like Global Resources Business Solutions.

demographics composition social media

demographics composition social media

3.    Undisclosed Marketing Could be Halted

Undisclosed marketing on social media have recently come under heavy scrutiny. If a celebrity or a notable personality endorsed a certain product or a brand, conventionally the consumer was provided notice that the endorsement was actually a sponsorship paid for by the company. However, celebrities have been toting various brands on social media without such disclosures. Their followers can never be sure if the endorsement is spurred by genuine love of the product or by a paid deal. Consumer advocates are now calling for such undisclosed marketing on social media to be completely stopped. Quite recently, a number of advocacy organizations wrote a letter to the Federal Trade Commission to demand that all paid marketing endorsements be fully disclosed on social media.

4.    B2B Marketing No Longer Ignores Social Media

For a long time, and continuing still in some industries, B2B marketers have long viewed social media as a waste of money. That is changing. B2B marketers are still behind B2C marketers on networks like Facebook. However, they are catching up and even rising above B2C marketers on channels like Instagram and LinkedIn. Social media can be equally beneficial for B2B marketers as well, and companies like Global Resources specialize in offering advice in this regard.

5.    Clickbait Headlines will No Longer Work

Facebook recently announced that it has updated its famous algorithm to filter out clickbait headlines. Clickbait headlines were defined as misleading article titles that deliberately withheld information to get a user to click on a link. Marketing campaigns that relied on posting clickbait headlines on Facebook will have to rethink strategy.

Social media marketing in 2017 will only be successful if the above trends are given due attention.

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